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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Assuming you have mastered starting in shallow water - the beach start, then you are just one step away from waterstarting.

The ground rules are the same. The hardest thing is getting the board and the rig in the right position in relevance to the wind. That could prove to be a bit more difficult in deeper water than in kneedeep water, specially when using larger sails (read heavier), but technique from beach starting remains the same. Always make the wind work for you, not against you.

Here are some facts and tips you should know about waterstarting:

- for some beginners it helps to put the boom (rig) on the tail of the board, and then raise the sail. If you do that, make shure the boom is not set too high.

- waterstarting requires a stronger wind than beachstart

- make sure your board faces downwind

- start from the top of the mast, and then progress moving to the boom

- the foot work is the same as beachstart (always put your "back" foot on the board first, the front second
- while rigging the sail, set the boom a bit lower. That way you will be closer to the board,
and it will be easier to climb it.


Anonymous said...

im a surfer. i guess im the typical surfer's chick. i staretd surfing cuz its so mind relaxing. not cuz of the boys. i find wsurfin quite relaxing sport.
i recently learned how to surf. and very pleased how im developing. im still on the begginers board but i also tryed the real half professional board.i find it really exciting.
i saw one guy doing a beach strt and i was like so impressed for he seemed so handsome and cute while doing that!
he looked great!!!
so awsome!

daria w.

Anonymous said...