Most of people claim that at some point of ther life they had a lifechanging experience. This blog I dedicated to mine - WINDSURFING.

Monday, September 8, 2008


It's been really busy last couple of weeks, so I have to apologise for neglecting my blog...

Even worse is the fact that I missed two days of very good JUGO, but I managed to put this saturday to a better use.

According to weather forecast for this saturday, a solid Jugo of cca. 15-20 knots was expected, staring from early morning and it was supposed to last almost through the entire day. So I set up my alarm clock on 6 AM, so I could be in the water allready at 7:30 AM., but at my dissapointment, when I woke up, there was no wind at all...so I fall back to sleep.

Couple of hours later the wind started to rise!!!

I drove straight to the spot - DUNAT, but not on the same location where surfers usually gather during BURA, but a bit futher to the western part of the island. When I got there, the place was crawling with surfers on the beach, instead on the water. So a friend and I decided to try another spot, placed cca 5 minutes along the coast from this one. When we got there, still no luck. At that point we were ready to go back home, but we decided to try our luck on the spot where we usually go for Bura (the was deperate to try out his new board).

As the saying goes, THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM. As soon as we got there, the wind was really gaining in strenght. We started smiling like two idiots and unloading our equipment out of the car. As I opened my sail bag, I was really surprised by the sight: along the mast sleeve on my sail, there was a hole, cca. 10 cm in diameter, made by a mouse!!! ON MY FAVOURITE SAIL!!!

The sail was still useable, so I managed to pull a solid 2 hrs wsurf session, and to be honest, after that I wasn't angry any more, which is just another proof of how pacifying wsurfing actually is.


Anonymous said...

ur never angry. denial.

Igor said...

bad mouse... very bad mouse.

Perth surf forecast said...

How disgusting men... Its bad, really bad...